I’ve alluded to it in other posts and especially in my back and forth comments with Jess, but I thought it was about time I talked about having a child who is what I describe as More.

As a little background my older two as babies and toddlers were for want* of a better word normal. Sleeping, eating, developing all at manageable rates, sometimes early in Miss P’s case but nothing quite so, well, exhausting. ​Other people refer to them as Spirited children but for Eve I feel the word more is what sits right with me.

Awake – ​Eve is more often awake than not, no full night sleeps or reliable naps here because she has more​ to do.

Physical – ​Once Eve was on the move (walking at a reasonably normal 10  months), kicking a ball followed soon after and so did jumping.  While it’s pretty awesome to see that my child is coordinated (unlike her mother) what’s not awesome is the climbing of ladders, bedheads and jumping off with a complete lack of fear.

Mental – ​Eve is more ​switched on than my other two were.  If I don’t want her to know how to open a lock or get what is in a cupboard I can’t let her see me open it.  Putting things up high is no barrier, obviously.


For all that the more-ness takes out of me there is one thing that makes it worth it.​

Love – ​We get more smiles, more ​hugs, more ​kisses, more ​laughs, which reminds us no matter how tired and worn down we are so so blessed to have been given a child who is more.

*and I do really​ want a better word as I don’t like the obvious inference of people who don’t fit a particular pattern or mold as abnormal.