Art update

The third goal in my 13 for 2013 list was to draw or paint one piece a month.  I’m not creating with a lot of depth and most attempts are stalling half way through but while I can pretty much write off January and February’s attempts March is already complete.​

Simple but complete.​

Dahlia (my love), plucked from our garden as it begins to fade, stem sketched simply, photograph taken and edited.​

I think this goal has to be reduced to one piece quarterly, I’m looking at paring back all of my goals now that I am studying I don’t think they are realistic.​

​I toyed with the idea of incorporating the flowers in to the header.


What do you think?​

Midweek moment

A pause in the middle of the week to enjoy a special moment. 2/52


Big brother and sister keeping little sister happy on the millionth Bunning’s visit for the week.

Other moments here

I’ve decided to roll my midweek moment and 52 project into one, I’ve been compartmentalising too much where there really isn’t a need.

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Goal 5 week 1/52

I nearly faltered on this goal before I even started, no real camera means I’m limited to iPhone photos for now.

She’ll be 18 this year, so big and wonderful and scary.

This blanket may have to be removed surgically once the school holidays are over.

This is “balloon” face, she really loves balloons.

Linking back to Che and Fidel’s 52