Meet the pack

Raising our kids to neither follow the sheep nor devour them.

Thirty-ish mama doing it all for a second time.
Currently on a maternity break with adorable Eve my number three, while raising two teenagers and renovating a house.

Mr Wolff – new graduate lawyer, newish dad, busy man.

Miss P – My clever and quirky eldest (17 year old) daughter, writer and comic lover.

T – For a long time the baby of the family now middle child (13) my adorable golden haired boy, often lost in the electronic world figuring out who he is for himself.

Eve – my new toddler love who misses out on anonymity because she was born after the blog.  We’re still figuring out this chubby bubbys’ personailty, but she’s a cyclonic force that’s for sure. Likes books, her older siblings and throwing things.

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