Bathroom beginnings

It’s going to be a long time before we can actually renovate our bathroom, but I have bought a new sink, mirror and am getting a cabinet that I’ll need to modify.

I was holding off on changing¬† the mirror until we started renovating the room, but I realised that there’s really no advantage to waiting especially seeing it really should* be a ten minute job.

Before, we were using a mirror that I’ve had for years as there was no mirror in the bathroom when we moved in.¬† It was probably a good thing I took it down, the nail it was hanging from had nearly come out of the wall.


After, it looks a bit odd off centre to the current cabinet and sink but I’ve hung it to go with the way the bathroom will be in the future.¬† It’s already smudgey because Eve was having fun with it while I put the wall plugs in for it, but at least there’s a spot for perfume and aftershave to sit away from inquisitive hands.


I’m really looking forward to installing the new sink and cabinet now.


The mirror is the Ikea Molger in birch which mum picked up for us on a trip to Adelaide.

*It’s never an easy job here, either I can’t find the tools I need or something in the house isn’t how it should be and we have to work around it.

A place for (almost) everything

Not a lot of progress has been made here, we’ve had nearly a week of 40+ temps so it’s hard to move let alone renovate.
But the beginning of our breakfast hide-away/nook is now in place.
An oddly placed linen press in the bathroom has meant that we have been able to steal some space for the kitchen .
Better yet it means that our toaster and kettle won’t have to be out all the time dominating our small benchtops.
There is as always, a lot of cosmetic work to do but it’s functional and all kinds of awesome to be able to just tuck stuff away when we’re done with it.

There will be a benchtop all the way to the wall when we do our permanent benches.


We’re also going to be adding a third drawer for the blender to live in.


The microwave will also have it’s own space in the pantry.

I’m really looking forward to getting past all the functional work and up to the aesthetics.

New year new kitchen

Okay so the new kitchen won’t be totally finished by the new year but it is finally functional.

A couple of days ago the last major step in our temporary complete kitchen was made and we now have an operational gas cooktop.

So while there is still a huge to do list the kitchen is functional and I’m able to store most of our kitchen things in the same room.

I can’t say how amazing it feels to be able to make a coffee in one room instead of having to gather items from three separate rooms. It’s a simple pleasure but a greatly appreciated one.

Our peninsula with temporary benchtops and blue protective coating still on our drawers (I’m not taking that off until the permanent benches are in).


View from the walkway


Range hood on its way up


And fully extended


It’s a little but too much fun to make the downdraft pop out of the bench, especially because most people we know have never seen one before.
I do think that it was absolutely worth the money to avoid having a bulky overhead extractor that would have further closed in our tiny room, it’s provided a much cleaner line than I’d even imagined.

Now we are on to making the cabinets
for our pullout pantry. I am really looking forward to having our food out of the lounge room.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays whether they are renovating, holidaying or having to work.

Almost cooking

All of our cabinets are assembled and tonight the body of our oven will be working (I’m still trying to get a gas fitter out to connect the top of our oven).

It’s beginning to feel a lot like a kitchen.

Stripped back fireplace


Cabinets in place (I’m not removing the protective film until we install our permanent bench tops).


The kitchen side of our island / peninsula


With drawers


And the rest of the mess


The island cabinets need to be bolted to the floor and then there’s a long list of things to do, but at the very least it will be functional before Christmas Day which makes me pretty happy.

Little steps

Each day brings a small amount of work stitching the new bones of our kitchen together. Three out of four walls are now plastered with some minor finishing to do. The fourth wall needs to be decided on, at the moment we are up in the air as to how it will be finished. Could be panelled could be plastered as there are so many openings in the wall the right design solution continues to elude me.

But for now if you squint just right and face in the right direction it’s almost a room.

Board up and joints filled


My helper is keener on climbing the ladder than I am.


(2nd) last wall joined


Hoping that now we have stainless steel legs for our cabinets we will get the main ones in this week and some temporary bench tops and our house can start to look like a home again and less like an episode of hoarders the early years.

The kitchen sink

With lots of hard work by T and our friend we are finally doing dishes in the kitchen again!


Tonight we plan to hang the remaining pieces of plasterboard and the weekend is set aside for joining and filling the boards.

The cabinets may or may not be installed as I really don’t like the plastic feet that we got from Ikea. We are debating getting the stainless steel legs to replace them.
They won’t be seen but I’d like to feel secure about the sturdiness of the cabinets.

The aim of being done by Christmas is now completely impossible, maybe next Christmas…

Slow building

The days roll by and little by little the kitchen, recently stripped back to it’s barest of bones becomes (almost) a room again.

Earthwool insulation goes in



Plasterboard goes up



Still a long way to go, but I can see glimpse of our new improved kitchen.