A bit of happy on Friday

A bit of happy arrived at our house yesterday and today I found its place.

Unused bathroom wall space due to broken cupboard door.


Our lovely hang it all replica


Ready to keep the towels of the floor and me a little (lot) less cranky every morning.


Thank you so much lovely ladies, I can’t wait until the other pieces arrive.

Project – a place for everything

This week has been limited to a very simple project, I’m a bit worn out with Miss E being sick again, but I didn’t want to do nothing and get out of the organisation rhythm.

I have a bad habit of tucking bills into a “safe” place and then having trouble finding them when I need to pay. I also have trouble remembering everything at the supermarket and am very lazy about writing a shopping list before I go.

This week I made a place for each of these things to try to change my bad habits.

First I went to the stationary store and bought an A5 clipboard, I then nailed this to the wall next to our yearly planner.
I then saw a pin on pinterest that recommended putting a notepad on the fridge to write things down as they are used. I figured while a good idea I would instead put it next to the bill clip as this is right near the bin. Hopefully that will mean that when anyone puts an item in the bin they will write it on the list, I’m trying to reform the family’s habits so that it’s not just up to me to make the household run somewhat smoothly.



The notepad came from the hotel we stayed in in Boston on our honeymoon, the clip I pilfered from my art box, you’ll note I also tied a pen to the clip to avoid excuses from the children when they don’t write on the list. Please don’t pay too much attention to my grotty light switch.

So again, little not fascinating steps but hopefully we’ll be a more productive household as more of these things come together.

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Project – a place for everything

Another Thursday another step towards making housekeeping less stressful.

This week, I’ve started on my pantry. We only have one tiny cupboard to use for our pantry, at least until we build our new kitchen and it’s been driving me crazy. I’ve started by getting glass jars for flours, sugars and other dry goods in an effort to move away from bpa filled plastics. The other benefit of glass jars is it is easy to see and identify the contents, although I will be labeling them in the coming weeks.

I’ve the also gotten some additional use out of a small space by putting wire racks (plastic coated unfortunately) and small bpa free plastic trays to hold my spices and other small items.





Part way through it occurred to me that if I didn’t find something to do with the rolls of baking paper, foil and glad wrap* they were going to take up what little space had been made and just generally drive me nuts by getting in the way. What I needed was an under shelf basket but all of the ones I could find were the wrong proportions.

With a little pondering I figured out the solution.

A spice rack.


Modified by hacksawing away the rungs on the top shelf. This would probably have been easier to do with a decent paid of wire cutters but I don’t own any so the slow way it was.


I then mounted it underneath a shelf.


And slid the rolls in.


I still have to figure out how to make the baking shelf more functional and to label the glass jars, but I’m at least 2/3 of the way through making a tiny space bearable until it is ripped out for our new kitchen.

*i try not to use any of these often but find it easier than not to keep them handy for that odd occasion.

Project – a place for everything

This weeks place for everything is very straightforward.
We currently have an open wardrobe after I saw many beautiful open wardrobes and thought one would be lovely.

Here’s a lovely one for example.


This is absolutely NOT how my wardrobe looks.

The worst part is the shoe situation, they started out neatly lined up on the floor and quickly devolved into well, this mess.


Running short on time this week to get a storage solution in place a trip to Targets’ home section provided me with the answer, and at 30%.

We now have a shoe rack, that while not perfect (my tiny shoes have trouble balancing across the bar) will hopefully enable us to keep the shoes in a little better order and condition than we were.


I’m sure this will last until exactly 3.5 minutes after Eve wakes up from the nap that has allowed me to assemble the rack and load it with shoes. That being said at least it will encourage me to put them back neatly instead of just sighing and walking away.

Project – A place for everything

Our little house is very little, it’s two and a half bedrooms, one bathroom and no storage.
I’ve spent quite a lot of time since we moved in getting rid of possessions, all that Tupperware that gets stuffed into cupboards, those clothes I might wear one day and over abundance of towels etc.

But there’s only so much minimising of belongs that you can practically do with a family, so my current project in this home is getting some storage in place and be able to put things away when we are done with them. The ideal would be that my house eventually actually looks like I’ve cleaned it, instead of looking like a tip.

Each week I’m going to try to do one thing, no matter how small that provides storage or maximizes my use of the space that we do have, while keeping items close to where they are actually used. The theory behind putting things where we use them is that I have more chance of the family putting things away when they are done with them (haha).

So far we’ve dragged our bookcase in and I’ve bought magazine holders for my magazines and boxes for Miss P’s ever expanding comic collection, nothing too revolutionary.

Today a trip to Bunning’s and an open mind has provided me with a cheap way to keep a guitar in the lounge but off the floor or couch. For just under $10 I’ve purchased a tool storage hook, intended for use with a slide rail. With some very minor modification it has now been screwed to the wall for a more minimal look.

First the hook.


Out of the packaging.


Modified by flicking the plastic branding off the metal bracket (told you it was minor)


Lounge room wall before.


Wall hook screwed in to a wall stud. The placement was decided by available wall studs as I didn’t want the weight of a guitar hanging off old plasterboard.


With guitar.


And the final view.


I’d originally planned on hanging the small guitar alongside, but I think I’m going to keep it against the bookcase as Eve enjoys plucking the strings and I don’t want to deprive her of that. Now I have to decide if I’ll hang another out here or in our bedroom, there are seven altogether but eventually they’ll have a studio in the backyard to live in so I won’t be hanging them all in the house.