A bit of happy on Friday

A bit of happy arrived at our house yesterday and today I found its place.

Unused bathroom wall space due to broken cupboard door.


Our lovely hang it all replica


Ready to keep the towels of the floor and me a little (lot) less cranky every morning.


Thank you so much lovely ladies, I can’t wait until the other pieces arrive.

Choices made and delayed

As one of the items I finally decided on was on sale this week I settled in and planned out what I was going to order with my lovely gift certificates.

The first was the Replica Eames Hang it All, on sale until today.

Via Matt Blatt

The second a Replica Eames Junior DSW side chair in Red for Eve.

via Tempt Interiors NZ

And third a Replica Eames RAR plastic rocker in black.

Via eBay

I got online and added them to my cart and attempted to check out. A little message came up saying I would need to call customer service because my post code wasn’t in their shipping matrix. A little frustrating seeing that I’ve had goods shipped from all over the world without this issue but I put my big girl panties on and dialed the number.

The incredibly perky sales assistant went through my order with me with ease, until dealing with the post code issue. She then informs me that the order would have to go to head office and they probably wouldn’t get back to me until Monday. I’m a little annoyed at this point as I’m pretty sure that means I’ll miss the sale price, but really my own fault for procrastinating, so I’ll deal with it.

Then I mentioned the gift certificates, there was a brief pause and the sales assistant says the words I am not too thrilled to hear. You can only use those in store, so next time you’re in Melbourne or Sydney you can use them. My head nearly exploded when she then attempted to continue processing the order*.

So unfortunately I’m not sure when I’ll be using the gift vouchers which is such a shame, especially seeing I can’t even be sure they’ll have what I want in stock if we do make a special trip. I wasn’t even sure if I would post about this and I hate to whine because I don’t want any of the lovely gift givers to feel that I don’t still cherish and appreciate their gift as I really do. But I did feel it best to put this out there in case other non Melbourne or Sydney based people went to buy gift vouchers, there’s no warning on the website that they can’t be used that way (believe me I’ve trawled the FAQ’s, policies etc to check). I’d hate to not speak up and have anyone else caught out.

*Note to salespeople I am not going to reward shitty service policies by spending more money in your store, I would have thought that was common sense, no matter how cheerful your voice is.


I received a gift in the mail on Monday from some ladies so sweet that they definitely didn’t need to give me anything to get in my good graces, they were well and truly already there.

Jess, Emmie, Sammie and Spark you amazing friends, mothers, wives, people and I feel so lucky to “know” you. You have all done more than brighten my day you made it possible to get something special for my home that I could never have entertained without your help.

I can’t wait to pick something and show you knowing that it will make you all a part of our home forever, you’re a pretty great addition to have to our home. I truly am touched beyond words.

Even those these words are too small and shallow in comparison to how special you’ve made me feel Thank you, I wish had I more to offer in return.

Everyone else, if you don’t already know these great women pop over and get to know them and let them know how great they are.





Ladies if you’re wondering my face kind of looked like this.

After opening the first envelope


And the second envelope (thinking it would be a note telling me who it’s from but in reality a second voucher).


And then when it hit me that this was actually for me.



It finally happened 11 months in and we missed your day, in my defense we did have a really good nap together and I don’t think my brain could handle all that sleep at once.


Not so much has been happening this month as the yucky weather slows us down. Walking has given way to running and your favourite thing to do is to kick balls around. If it’s the soft knitted ball you like to throw it and then run and kick it, your coordination at this age astounds me and I’m positive you don’t get it from me!


You’ve gained one more tooth bringing the total to seven, with more trying their best and our patience on their way through.

The morning routine is a little haphazard but you like your nom, nom noms and squealing if I’m not quick enough to get them. You seem to take pleasure in trying to share food with daddy’s suit, which I’m sure is part of a ruse to keep him home from work. His tie is a signal for you, on and you’re not happy because you know that means work, off and out come the smiles because daddy’s home.


Fairly suddenly you seem to have switched from a curled up side sleeper to a sprawling tummy sleeper but still very little movement on getting you to sleep alone. The occasional nap in the pram after swimming or a long walk and a sleep in a friends swing are about the best we’ve managed but swiftly comes the day when sleeping with or even cuddling mum will be uncool so for now I try my best to savor your sleep dependency.

You’ve developed a love of chattering in a mostly indecipherable language. With some ta da’s and yeah’s scattered through with hello. If I’m in another room and you’re looking for me I hear you calling Li-la to which I reply mama’s here. I’m not sure what’s made you pick up my name but you love saying it.

I’m pretty sure now that the reason you think that the hiding game (where you hide behind us and we call out ‘oh no! Where’s Evie?) is so funny, is because you think we are stupid. I’m convinced because if I try to hide something behind me you know it’s there but you still cackle when we play that game, your laugh is worth it though.


We permanently have at least one guitar in the lounge room as you are still loving plucking at the strings at random intervals. You’re quite tuneful which is another talent you have not gotten from your mum, it’s surprising and lovely to listen to you play. Even more so if daddy picks up a guitar and you try to play along, we’ve even heard you back him up with an interesting drum beat from time to time. Like me you enjoy painting, although at this stage I suspect that it is the joy of squishing paint between your fingers that is the winner there and the possibility you could eat the paintif I’d just stop watching you. You like to eat strange things like loose plaster or the brick from the fireplace it can be tiring keeping you safe from your odd appetites.


We’re all looking forward to your next update our precious, precocious girl will be one and those who matter most will coming from all over to celebrate with us and others who can’t make it will surely be there in spirit. Here’s hoping it’s a day as lovely as the one you were born.

Better than a oppy find

We’re still moving in to our house ( this has been our slackest move ever but I guess that’s not important when we shouldn’t have to move again). But I thought I’d share with you a lovely gifted find from Ty’s uncles shed. It’s in need of a lot of love and restoration so perfectly fitting for our house.


My new-to-me Bertoia Diamond chair. Better than an op shop find because it was free! Can’t wait to pretty it up and add a lamb skin to make it comfy.

Frivolous Friday

I’m rediscovering our hometown now that we’ve been back nearly a month. There’s some new places on the scene (and old ones I’m glad to see are still around) that have me parting with my money for pretty things.

The most frequented so far is the lovely Fine and Sunny who stock all kinds of Australian made independent arty goodness.

I’ve bought quite a few bits in there now but thought I’d share the loveliest ceramic cloud brooch bought for my aunts birthday.


Made by Paperboat Press, I also bought the cloud earrings for myself.

I wrapped it in the brown paper I love so much and used pipe cleaners to make a bow of sorts.


I hope she loves the brooch as much as I do.

My cousins wedding

I may have mentioned that our lengthy trip last month was in part to attend my cousins wedding. I know I haven’t mentioned what a beautiful day it was, truly one of the most touching weddings I have been to and my second favourite (ours being the favourite naturally).

I also know that I didn’t mention the videographer that was booked dropped out the week before the wedding, totally lacking professionalism and breaching their contract, stressful and sad for the bride and groom.

But it turned out for the best with White Heights Media coming to the rescue.
See their awesome work below.

*Jesse and Brendan* from White Heights Media on Vimeo.

Travelling with trepidation part 1

The wonderful opportunity arose for a flying visit to see my friend and her family up in sunnier climes.

I was very excited to be winging my way there but very nervous, because it wasn’t school holidays Mr. and the big two had to stay behind. This was huge to for me for a few reasons.

1. Baby on a plane with just me to keep her happy.
2. This was the most consecutive nights apart that the Mr. and I have had in our entire relationship. All of those have been one – two nights at a time. I know it’s not normal to have had such little time apart but I treasure that point of difference.
3. Leaving the big two felt mean, I’d love to have been able for them to enjoy the break with me.

Knowing that so many lovely bloggy ladies have taken their bubs on much greater distance flights was a great comfort, and luckily on both legs of the trip I was seated next to lovely couples. Little miss barely made a peep and fed on ascent and descent like someone had programmmed her for optimal flying. She also had her eyes glued on the hostess while she did the safety demonstration which was adorable.

The only tip I have for fellow flying parents is make sure your luggage has wheels. I was lucky enough that the couple on the return flight helped me with my luggage but it was pretty dumb taking carry on only that I literally had to carry with bub in tow.

All in all we not only survived but had a lovely time exploring the beach and cuddling with my friend and her little ones.

first time touching sand

One parting travel tip for travel without daddy / mummy bring a stinked up item of their clothing with you. Nothing got Evie to sleep quicker than the whiff of daddy’s shirt.

ahh daddy smell