What’s in my bag

I’ve seen a few posts around where people share the contents of their bag.​  I thought as a continuation of my Real-ish​ post I’d show you what was in my bag today.

My lovely bag purchased from ​Bookhou

Eve’s water bottle, my purse, keys and Houdini Stop (I don’t go out without it)​​

And of course, empty biscuit packet, shopping list, pens, highlighters, my phone and half a tonne of cookie crumbs (I am a little piggy).​

Not really hitting the lofty standards of designer purses and cosmetics that others seem to manage,​ but there you have it.

Is your bag as chaotic and disgusting as mine?​

Easter without the (chocolate) eggs

Easter is a tricky time for us, Eve can’t have dairy (or any beef byproducts) so the majority of Easter treats are off the menu for us.

While weighing up whether Easter is a tradition that we will maintain in our family I have come across a few adorable Easter-ish treats that could replace chocolate eggs.*

Click on images to go to supplier


More ideas are up on our Easter Pinterest board

*That’s not to say there isn’t a lot more to working out whether Easter is for us, I don’t want to fulfill just the commercial side of a holiday and I still have a lot of thinking to do on this one.

Art update

The third goal in my 13 for 2013 list was to draw or paint one piece a month.  I’m not creating with a lot of depth and most attempts are stalling half way through but while I can pretty much write off January and February’s attempts March is already complete.​

Simple but complete.​

Dahlia (my love), plucked from our garden as it begins to fade, stem sketched simply, photograph taken and edited.​

I think this goal has to be reduced to one piece quarterly, I’m looking at paring back all of my goals now that I am studying I don’t think they are realistic.​

​I toyed with the idea of incorporating the flowers in to the header.


What do you think?​

So far so messy

I am officially in to my second week of study and well as the title says so far so messy.

Finding enough time means letting a few little things slide, like Eve emptying the bookcase so I can read an article.​

Dealing with artistic annotations when I turn my back to get a cup of tea.

Driving the artist around in the car to try to get her to nap so I can get more work done and feeling awash in the ocean of learning.

Messy but fulfilling.​

Draw card

Eve doesn’t often sit still, in fact even when she’s sleeping she moves
like crazy.  So no matter how short lived it might be I am in love with her current love of drawing.  It even bought me enough time for a shower this morning, alone, bliss!

In case you’re wondering she’s drawing a birdie, at least she always says it’s birdies when asked.

Taking the cake

As valentine’s days go, I’ve seen better. Little Miss Mercury has been at her most frustrating and adorable today. 

She drew on bookcases broke treasured items and smiled and charmed people wherever we went (except Bunnings she screamed that place down).

But at least we had cake.

Hope your day was bright and stress free, or at least you had something you like.