Up, down, up week

Another week has passed us by with little done to the house, even with no work done it’s been an an up and down week.

Friday was lovely, with our new towel rack in place.

Saturday not so much with the kitchen budget breaking confirmation that the lower half of our walls are indeed made of asbestos. This is made all the more disappointing by the fact that we paid for a building inspector and it was not on the report.

Sunday morning provided a big boost and a very welcome distraction to the kitchen disaster, my morning routine of flicking through beautiful blogs coffee in hand was even better than usual.

Reading one of my favourite design blogs, Emma’s Design Blogg, I saw my name, I was a bit surprised so I looked a few more times, it was definitely my name.

I’ve won the loveliest little black Milk lamp by &Tradition.

Photo via Emma’s Design Blogg

Looks like I’ll have to work extra hard on this house to make a space nice enough for it to live.

Thanks so much to Emma for the lamp it has really brightened my week.

Making the best of before

Because we are doing this renovation ourselves, except where we need plumbers, electricians etc, it’s going to be slow going. In the meantime I like to nest and make the before as comfortable and attractive as possible. It’s not possible for it to be very pretty with our gross carpet and brown architraves.

Yesterday was spent rearranging our tiny lounge to try and make better use of the space. I think for now we have our best possible before lounge.






There’s a lot to do but at least there’s somewhere comfortable to sit while doing it.