Quality control

It’s hard work testing ​dairy free chocolate.

But a satisfied Eve gives Sweet William dairy free Easter bunnies the thumbs up


4 thoughts on “Quality control

  1. That is tv ad worthy! Can’t believe that adorable little thumbs up at the end – makes me want to scoff the marshmallow easter eggs Andreas and I bought. Logan got a crappy chocolate egg but he can decorate it and he doesn’t like chocolate at the moment so win, win haha.

    • The thumbs up was a fluke but so glad I got it, it just makes the series. Marshmallow easter eggs sound nice I haven’t seen them around. Probably best Logan isn’t in to chocolate, it might have him bouncing off the walls, more than normally that is!

    • Trust me no non-dairy chocolate is two thumbs up, unless you have never had cadbury’s before!Sneaky is the only way to eat junk at least until the little ones are older!

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