Gratitude v Greed

Gentle gratitude and green with greed



  1. Not quite here yet but the cooler mornings are giving me hope that Autumn is on it’s way here
  2. That awesome husband of mine, maker of bookshelves, cleaner of kitchens. Who gets out of bed to turn lights on for me when I’m being silly after watching too much Supernatural, he also looks pretty nice in a suit.​
  3. Crunchy leaves from my favourite tree the Plane tree, another sign of my favourite season Autumn.​


I’d love to add this vertical garden to our kitchen when we finally finish.​  I wouldn’t mind the marble benchtops either.

Want more gratitude or greed in your day? Previous weeks are here.​

4 thoughts on “Gratitude v Greed

  1. You are my soulmate – Supernatural and The Bock mentioned in one post!

    Jensen Ackles is my if he ever shows up at the front door I can’t be held responsible man hehe

    That marble is beautiful but I have to admit I did also like Phil and Amity’s especially their floor – which according to Jenna means I have no taste!

    • He is just a little cute, Ty has the same sort of swagger about him so I think that’s why I find it adorable.

      I found Phil and Amity’s very marketable but too plain for me personally. The floor was more yellow than I like but it will mellow beautifully. I think they’re going to win it even though it’s not the house I’d choose for myself.

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