I’ve alluded to it in other posts and especially in my back and forth comments with Jess, but I thought it was about time I talked about having a child who is what I describe as More.

As a little background my older two as babies and toddlers were for want* of a better word normal. Sleeping, eating, developing all at manageable rates, sometimes early in Miss P’s case but nothing quite so, well, exhausting. ​Other people refer to them as Spirited children but for Eve I feel the word more is what sits right with me.

Awake – ​Eve is more often awake than not, no full night sleeps or reliable naps here because she has more​ to do.

Physical – ​Once Eve was on the move (walking at a reasonably normal 10  months), kicking a ball followed soon after and so did jumping.  While it’s pretty awesome to see that my child is coordinated (unlike her mother) what’s not awesome is the climbing of ladders, bedheads and jumping off with a complete lack of fear.

Mental – ​Eve is more ​switched on than my other two were.  If I don’t want her to know how to open a lock or get what is in a cupboard I can’t let her see me open it.  Putting things up high is no barrier, obviously.


For all that the more-ness takes out of me there is one thing that makes it worth it.​

Love – ​We get more smiles, more ​hugs, more ​kisses, more ​laughs, which reminds us no matter how tired and worn down we are so so blessed to have been given a child who is more.

*and I do really​ want a better word as I don’t like the obvious inference of people who don’t fit a particular pattern or mold as abnormal.

8 thoughts on “More

  1. I can definitely relate to this post. Lily is also ‘More’ and it’s so exhausting but you are so right with the more smiles, more laughter etc. I have to keep reminding me this when Lily is stuck up high somewhere refusing to climb back down!

  2. I wondered if it was Jarvis being a boy, or me being older. But he has triple the amount of energy and daring that Tamika ever did. And Tamika was the sort of child who ended up in hospital a few times because of her escapades. For example in year one she thought if she flapped her arms really hard she could fly from one monkey bar to the other. She couldn’t and ended up with concussion. Makes me scared what Jarvis will do.

    • I sometimes wonder if it’s partly due to my age but the other two were much more low maintenance. It’s a shame Tamika got hurt, because she obviously had a great imagination! It can be pretty scary, so far we have been lucky, I won’t be surprised if she is my first child to break a bone.

  3. Sorry I did post a comment 😦

    Logan has been insane this week but with the lows comes awesome highs and I’m kinda grateful that I have a ‘more’ child. Because the hard makes me really appreciate the easy. Sure my house isn’t the tidiest and we never get any projects done around the home but I’m finally coming to turns with all that!

    I can’t wait for the more smiles though, whinging is still outweighing that. Although it doesn’t help that he’s finally getting all those pesky teeth through.

    • The contrast is good for making little moments like where Eve happily plays with toys alone so much more special. I don’t think my house will be tired for another 18 years or so!

      Hope Logans’ teeth come through soon! I hate teething so much.

  4. lula is spirited or a more kid 100 times over! so exhausting however when they get sick and go all quiet and introverted you realised you actually wouldn’t want it any other way! I have to say she has slightly (like 2%) mellowed out with age…the ripe age of almost 2 1/2!

    • I can’t believe she’s already over 2! It only seems like 5 minutes ago I saw her first birthday party pics.Eve still bounced around when she was sick, all I could think was I wish I was able to be that happy when I was sick.How is everything going? I’d love to hear about the wedding.

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