Art update

The third goal in my 13 for 2013 list was to draw or paint one piece a month.  I’m not creating with a lot of depth and most attempts are stalling half way through but while I can pretty much write off January and February’s attempts March is already complete.​

Simple but complete.​

Dahlia (my love), plucked from our garden as it begins to fade, stem sketched simply, photograph taken and edited.​

I think this goal has to be reduced to one piece quarterly, I’m looking at paring back all of my goals now that I am studying I don’t think they are realistic.​

​I toyed with the idea of incorporating the flowers in to the header.


What do you think?​

7 thoughts on “Art update

  1. I love this, Lila! So much beauty & creativity – I wish I had this hanging on my wall, it exudes femininity & natural beauty.

    Sar xx

  2. I LOVE it!! Love the colours of the flowers with the graphic of the stems. Think it works brilliantly with your header. How can you be a renovating mum of 3, smart and artistic (not to mention good-looking?) You’re making me feel inadequate:)

    • Thanks,I really appreciate the flattery but I promise it’s not all as lovely as it looks on paper. I’m positive you are anything but inadequate, I know you’re an awesome person.

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