New York I love you but you’re bringing me down

New York for me, like many people holds a special place in my heart, we honeymooned there, a place I thought to be progressive.

But people and places aren’t always what you think, sometimes surprising me unpleasantly.  If there’s one issue that’s dear to my heart and my experience is that of teen parenthood and that support is needed not shaming.​

New York has failed miserably with a new ad campaign presumably to scare kids out of falling pregnant.  Which in itself is laughable considering the miniscule proportion of teen pregnancies that are planned.​

I’ve mentioned before that being a parent as a teen is no easy task.  Being a parent full stop is not easy and I can tell you the thing that has the most impact on the difficulty of being a teen parent is the weight of others judgement and being shamed instead of supported.  Make no mistake a campaign like this one won’t make teenagers be more careful or make teen parenthood any less attractive, because it’s not attractive,  all it does is wound existing young parents who need help not harassment.

I wonder how much help they could have had if the Mayor had spent $400,000 helping them instead of shaming them?

I’m so disappointed that people think emotional blackmail is the way to
change peoples lives.  I’m so disappointed New York I thought you were
better than that, clearly I was naive.


6 thoughts on “New York I love you but you’re bringing me down

  1. As a young mother (I had my son at 21, but people always assume I am younger than that even now) I have also faced a lot of criticism and judgement from strangers. These advertisements are shocking, I can’t believe the negativity and message of shame, what are they thinking?

    I feel like these posters will just give people fuel for their fire and permit them to say hurtful things to young mothers. I think it’s really sad.

  2. Wow.As an ex New Yorker I am shocked.I always thought in NYC, anything goes. I always thought it was a very accepting city.But this campaign is downright hurtful.I hope they pull it before any more damage is done.

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