Reviews in Real Life – Houdini Stop

​There are a lot of products that I buy in an attempt to solve a problem or make my life easier, some work and some are useless.  I’ve decided to review them here, good, bad and indifferent.

The Problem – A very cheeky toddler working her arms out of the car seat straps while we were driving.

​The Product – Houdini Stop

What I Paid – $22.00

How it should work –​  The Houdini stop simply clips around each shoulder strap securing them to each other preventing the child from pulling their arms free.

Does it work? – ​ So far so good.  We bought it last Saturday morning after Eve not only freed her arms but began to climb out of her car seat while we were driving, which was absolutely terrifying.  After pulling over (quickly) and re-buckling her it was straight to the baby shop to find a solution.  We chose the Houdini Stop because it was the only product available.

It is incredibly easy to install, simply clipping around each strap and does not slip up or down the straps once in place.​  Unbuckling is also easy as you can undo either side (there is no need to remove both) so no matter which side of the car seat you are getting baby from you can still get them out with minimal fuss.

I honestly expected a lot of fuss and screaming from Eve once she discovered that she was strapped in but for some reason she has been more content in her car seat than ever before. In fact the only peep I’ve heard ​since installing it is Eve exclaiming “Oh WOW” while touching the lettering on the strap.

Would I buy it (again)? – ​Absolutely! I can even see me gifting these to friends down the track, the peace of mind has been worth every cent.

Where to buy –​I bought ours at TTN.         They are also available at Baby Bunting​ for $19.95

I was not gifted product or paid for this review, should that be the case in future reviews I will always disclose this in the what I paid section and honestly evaluate whether I would pay for the product myself.


4 thoughts on “Reviews in Real Life – Houdini Stop

  1. Hmm…good to know about.I may be paranoid but I am worried about Toddler C figuring out how to press that super attractive to toddler fingers big red button and letting himself out of his seat!

    • We’ve also had that happen, Eve is not one who likes to stay still! I did buy a product called Hurphy Durphy for that but found it a pain to use (her buckle barely fit in it). That being said I only had it on for a couple of weeks and since then she hasn’t pushed the button so I haven’t needed it since.Here’s the link to it.

      Eve’s the kind of baby who figures out how to dismantle baby gates so it can be hard to discourage her.

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