Gratitude v Greed

A dose of Gratitude and a dash of Greed


  1. Lovely delicious rich brownies, topped by meringue, made by Tyler.
  2. While we all have a horrible cold, Eve is still bouncing around and happily making us laugh, like here with her wedging a tissue behind her dummy.
  3. Needing a brain break from studying Architecture makes me truly grateful that I can stream my favourite shows like Grand Designs and The Block, shake your head at my idea of a break I know I have a problem
  4. My laptop screen which Eve destroyed by throwing a glass at will hopefully be replaced this week.​
  5. Linking up with other Aussie Bloggers and their Facebook group Aussie Bloggers to love to share ideas and support.​  If you’re an Aussie blogger you should check it out too.


Made by Original BTC – I think the softness of this would be lovely in our bedroom


Need more gratitude in your day?

Visit my friend Jess at Icecream and Buckets

and Rebecca at Pomegranate & Seeds


12 thoughts on “Gratitude v Greed

  1. What an absolutely lovely post. It is so hard to love all the things you have and all the things you want. Love it! Those brownies look delish and little Eve is super cute! (thanks also for linking me in. Feels nice to be included).xo

  2. I need to show my husband the picture of the brownies Mr. Wolff made…I need to get him baking!I love both Grand Designs and The Block…I could listen to Kevin McCloud all day.Today I took a wonderful break to watch the season finale of the US show Top Chef.

    Have a great weekend!

    • He doesn’t bake often but when he does he puts my cooking to shame!His voice sticks in my head, so much so when I’m reading architecture articles they are in Kevins’ voice (that’s a bit embarrassing really).

      I avoid cooking shows because they make me hungry! I’m very partial to the original Iron Chef because of the insane voice overs though.

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  3. Oh, we love Grand Designs & The Block here too! Did you see the 100th so of GD – stunning. The Block is tevo’d everynight. It makes us crave renovating &/or building our own place soo badly!

    I’m off to check out Aussie Bloggers!

    Happy 1st day of Autumn, Lila!

    Sar xx

    • No I haven’t seen it yet, if it doesn’t show up on ABC iView soon I’ll have to hunt it down! I enjoy our renovation but I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it more if we had the cash they do to fund it!

      Happy 1st day of Autumn to you too.xx

  4. Awe thank you for the link 🙂

    Those brownies look amazing, recipe please Tyler!

    OMG I love watching Eve and seeing what Logan will be doing – too cute.

    Also can I come and watch TV with you, I love those shows. What I wouldn’t give to be sitting on a couch watching that whilst scoffing brownies with you right now even though it’s past my bedtime!

    Did you see the Big White House episode from the other day? I thought for sure I would hate the guys interior designing of it with all their stuff but it really worked. I would never do it but I loved it for them and didn’t really hate anything about it – which amazed me.

    Favourite bathroom on The Block?

    xoxo guess I should go to bed now but I’m being grumpy with the Hubby so late night for me!

    • I think the recipe is in his head but I’ll try to extract it for you!

      I would love to hang out with you anytime, but a TV and brownies friend date would be cool.

      Yes I thought I would hate it too, the only thing that really jarred me was the lighting, but otherwise it turned out much better than expected.

      Josh & Jenna’s for sure, loved the marble bit behind the bath. I did like the idea of the TV and fireplace in Phil & Amity’s not sure why they got bagged for that it’s nice to have luxury in the bathroom.

      Hope you get some sleep xo

  5. I haven’t even seen one ep of The Block this season. Which is terribly depressing… And I’ll forever miss when my teachers were feeling lazy at Tafe and put on episodes of GD for a lesson. Ah… To be a full-time, non-mama student once more! Or not. 😛

    • I’ve just been using the catch up via the internet (we don’t have our tv connected to the aerial), but I imagine at the moment there’s no way you have time for that!

      Hope everything is going well.

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