Gratitude v Greed

Last year I did a gratitude journal one entry for every day of the year.  It really helped me to focus on the good things that were happening even on dark days.  I feel like already this year my focus is slipping away from the good things to the things that are lacking.  It’s time to pull my focus back to the things that are good.

To help I’ve decided to start a new series, ​each week I’ll detail at least one thing I am grateful for and because I’m still me I’ll list one thing that I desire, because greed and gratitude aren’t mutually exclusive.


  1. My lovely husband chased the lovely people at &Tradition and organised a replacement shade for my lamp.
  2. My gorgeous rocking chair from Matt Blatt arrived, Eve loves it too! Thanks again to my generous supportive friends.​
  3. My lovely friend has worked tirelessly to build a bond with Eve so that she can help take the pressure off when I’m not coping.​
  4. I was lucky enough to be featured on Capturing Memories: The 52 Project by Lacy Stroessner.

I’m a very lucky lady.​


Sold out online and not stocked in our local Target, insert sad noise here.​


12 thoughts on “Gratitude v Greed

  1. Stumbled upon your blog! Really love it! How do you like squarespace? I am on blogger and I LOVE the way squarespace looks though I am not sure if I am quite ready to switch. I don’t know anyone who really uses it so I am curious. I also wanted you to know that I have being doing Gratitude Mondays on my blog: Please join in if you want! I especially like how you add a little greed section! very clever. xo

    • Thanks Becca! I really like squarespace, it’s relatively easy to configure posts and make things look the way I like. I do think the comment format puts some people off from commenting although you can use Disqus instead (I’m not that comfortable with Disqus so I haven’t changed that). You also can’t use google friend connect (but I think that’s an exclusively blogger thing now). There are enough nice themes but not as many as with blogger and wordpress but the trade off is in laying out your posts I feel. I’d recommend using the free trial just to see if the look and feel works for you. I do really enjoy using it but can see how it wouldn’t be for a lot of bloggers (particularly those with a heavy advertising model). If there’s anything specific you want to know feel free to ask and I’ll try to help.LOVE your gratitude Mondays, gratitude is so important (I leave the greed in though because it’s a more honest representation of me). Thank you for the invite that’s very exciting!

  2. What a great idea for a series!I love your greed this week!I was just at Target yesterday but I had the toddler with me and so couldn’t browse…probably for the best!

    I am looking forward to more gratitude and greed!

  3. These babies, they’re so smart. My Mum is the only person aside from Loc who can take Archie and give either of us a break.

    And that bedspread! I thought the pillows were a bedhead and was wowed by the styling, but, holy moly, that is so much more exciting.

    p.s. never-ending comments from me tonight. I’m playing blog-reader catch-up. 🙂

    • I guess at least we know that they really love the people they will go to!

      I know I’m so disappointed I couldn’t get it anywhere and usually I’m not that fussed about linen.

      p.s. never-ending comments are a greatly appreciated confidence booster.

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