Dirty feet and shiny treats

Last weekend consisted of the usual trips to Bunning’s gathering bits and pieces to make small progress on the kitchen.

Miss mercurial was at her least happy screaming while we shopped, so to get some peace to be able to think about what we needed I let her walk around even though she didn’t have shoes on.

The screaming mystery was solved on our trip home when Eve crashed out in the car, when I laid her in bed to continue the nap I was reminded why I don’t normally let her set foot in a shop without shoes.

In addition to the lovely peace of Eve taking a nap for a few hours when we returned I was handed a package left by my mum while we were out.

My (extremely) early birthday present.

It’s pretty nice to be spoiled and even more so with how beautifully the Alex Perry for Magnolia range is right down to the lovely packaging.

The rest of my weekend was spent uploading cutesy videos of Eve to Vine, which are probably not cute to anyone but me but I don’t care, the six second loop of her makes my heart happy.



2 thoughts on “Dirty feet and shiny treats

  1. Ok, Logan and Eve must be twins! He does exactly the same raspberries except on my belly!

    I understand you completely about the dirty feet thing. I feel like I’m constantly throwing him in the sink to clean them.

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