If at first

you don’t succeed try try again.  It’s an old one but I’m using it to help me get over my trepidation of a big step I’m taking again this year.

As the title implies this isn’t the first attempt I’ve made, but hopefully the last.

I’m attempting university study again.

For some background so far I have:

Moved to the Sunshine Coast shortly after my divorce and commenced study that lasted about a month because I couldn’t find anywhere to live permanently.

Moved to Tasmania and completed one semester of study before deciding Launceston wasn’t the place for us and moving to Adelaide.  Where I didn’t pick up study again because it made more financial sense to work while Tyler completed his law degree.

Moved back to our hometown and with Ty now graduated and working I started Visual Art, but with Eve not coping in childcare (and the expense) I didn’t last long.

Since withdrawing from the last attempt I have been looking online and trying to find something that I am passionate about and could study online.  Unfortunately the degree that I wanted didn’t seem to be available off campus anywhere.

I applied to study Law and was accepted but could bring myself to hit the accept button.  I thought about delaying another year and just studying some personal interest topics, which involved lots of time dicking around on the internet, and let’s face it that’s what I do. By some felicitous stroke during this time wasting procrastination I stumbled across it, the degree and career I wanted available online through Curtin University via Open Uni.  

This year I start the long haul to where I’d like to be.

I start studying for my Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science)

While it might seem that I’ve taken a blithe approach to study before, I value education and really hope this is the start of my life moving in a direction that is for me not exclusively for the greater good of my family.

So wish me luck?


8 thoughts on “If at first

  1. Welcome to the ‘online study possy’.. 4 years and still goin’ ova here..undergrad, post grad, now its like not just how I study… but ‘what I study’…no…really, how sad am I? Cant help it, I want to help *shrugs*….it a brave new world and I commend you on your new journey.Here if you need an ear. love you blog ‘theme’ Phemie from phemieology (couldn’t work out how to ‘log in’ for comments)http://phemieology.blogspot.com.au/

    • Thanks Phemie, it’s great to be able to look to someone for support, it’s so different studying on line than it is in the physical world (not that I’ve actually started yet).Thanks for the compliment. If you get a chance let me know what is happening when you try to comment a few people are having problems but as it works for me it’s hard to report the errors and get it fixed. I hate to think it’s scaring anyone away!Can’t wait to read your blog.

  2. Ok my iPad isn’t a fan of the new site (BUMMER!) I wrote two posts and neither came up. But yay, you’re "going" to my old stomping ground 🙂

    Congratulations. Very happy for you xoxo

    • I’m sorry I’ll report it again that’s really annoying,I don’t want anyone discouraged from making comments (but especially not you).Thanks I considered it a good omen that it was a WA uni, so cool that it was yours.

  3. Good Luck!!
    It makes a huge difference if you are studying something that is really right for you!
    Architecture seems like a wonderful balance between art and science and I can imagine it will be a perfect fit for you!

    PS. Another Curtin Uni graduate here!

    • You just summed up why Architecture has been on my wishlist for a long time. I enjoy art but find it hard to see it as a career, I also work really well with numbers as most of my jobs have been in that area. I’m hoping this will provide the balance for business me and arty me to get along!

      Looks like I’m in very good company! Having two of my favourite people graduate from there is a great sign.

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