There are a few little issues floating around the place over the last week or so. My thoughts have been bubbling around. I probably wouldn’t have had anything to say to these recycled arguments. People just don’t seem to know when to shut up and mind their own business.  Or more politely they don’t remember being taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. That rule doesn’t apply when the other people have said stupid things first so here I go.

First – Anonymity, and how the lack of it affects my children.

Seriously? My kids are growing up in the digital age, not the land of the commodore 64 and the floppy disk.  The older two both have Facebook and if you’ve never seen the rubbish that teens in general put on Facebook then pop off and have a look.

Okay educated? Anything I can put on here will be no more humiliating than anything that they have already put online themselves*

Would I put a photo up that my teenagers (or toddler potentially) didn’t like? No I wouldn’t.  Do I talk about things that are anything more than superficial? Not without discussing it with them first. Those naysayers that think they can’t possibly be informed enough to consent need to stop thinking of children as idiots. Both of my older children would pass a Gillick Competence test so they can decide something as simple as this, and they will always have veto** power. 

As for the pedophile-fear do you people seriously think that reading mommy blogs is how those cretins roll? There are places on the internet that they go to and if they were luring a child via parent it would be more likely to be through a dating site than through trawling blogs.  It’s an ill informed, today tonight level of journalism that has crept into societies’ subconscious and made you all scared of the boogeyman, or boat people or whatever else they’ve decided to shake their hate stick at this week.

I do not choose to be anonymous for several reasons.  Online is a community, it’s an ephemeral one but that doesn’t make it any less of a community.  I have made a conscious decision to genuinely be who I am in all areas of my life and being online is no exception to that rule. If anything I am slightly less filtered. But the key reason that I am not anonymous is that it I am held to a higher standard of behaviour when my name is attached.  Being anonymous makes it easy to pick at others and to not be accountable for your words and actions. While not every anon takes advantage of the cover anonymity provides but I have the feeling that many of those who hide behind anonymity would be a lot less brave if their name had to be attached. 

Second – Boobies

I no longer breastfeed as Eve self weaned, but you can be assured that when I did I breastfed in public, often GASP while walking around a shop with Eve in the sling.  Did anybody see my boobs? Who cares! If you saw my boobs the fact is you saw a third of the cleavage that was inappropriately on show when I was a teenager (actually less than that because I have had a breast reduction).

If you equate the breast to sexuality there is something wrong with your worldview and I suggest you hook up with a therapist to talk over your issues.  

Another point I’d like to make is the fact that somehow Kochie got involved in this whole blow up.  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS WONDERFUL stop watching crap TV and listening to irrelevant toolboxes like him, you’ll be a lot happier and less afraid of the world around you I promise.

Boobies don’t bite, but if I catch you shaming a breastfeeding*** mother anywhere I WILL.


*My kids are actually pretty tame compared to a lot of their peers, possibly because they’ve had the digital footprint lecture seven thousand times now.

**They are also a litmus for judging whether Eve will be embarrassed by any content relating to her.

***Or a bottle feeding mother either, why the way a baby being fed is public domain is beyond me.


10 thoughts on “Anony..NO

  1. Brilliant Post. Think I might have to print the stuff on being anonymous and just hand it to people who question why I blog, is it safe, etc.

  2. I was going to post something about how all the fear mongering was getting to me and making me feel like a bad Mum. In the end I decided not to because it’s the community that is what I love about the whole blogging thing. I love seeing all of our little babies growing up, I couldn’t imagine not sharing that.

    As for the breastfeeding thing I can’t believe we’re even still having to discuss it. We should be able to feed when we want, where we want, how we want!

    • Anything that makes you feel like a bad mum is clearly wrong Jess,because you are a fantastic mum, don’t ever forget that!I’d be sad if I didn’t get to see Logan and the other babes grow just because of scaremongers.It’s infuriating that breastfeeding keeps coming up and I astounds me how backwards some people still are about it. I guess at least it weeds out the people I want to be around and those I don’t though.

    • Thanks Em.

      Every now and again I catch a glimpse of morning tv shows and I just don’t get them (I guess that’s why I still haven’t bothered to connect our tv antenna).

  3. Totally, totally, totally agree on both topics. I find it hard sometimes not to succumb to the fear that some have regarding how my blog may affect our personal security in the ‘real world’, but my blog is exactly like my real world. There’s nothing I post there that I wouldn’t be happy to share with someone I’ve just met, or someone I’ve known for years. I respect the right everyone has to decide how much or how little of their thoughts, words, images they share in public domains, equal to a mummy blogger’s right to decide what they do want to share.

    As for prime time television, if our TVs were all stuck on channel 22 forever I think we’d be a happier, more respectful and wholly-intelligent society.

    • It’s hard not to give in to the fear or even the pressure of others to be anonymous, I nearly did when I moved the blog here. But when I thought it through and realised that would be compromising my values I realised being anon was just not right for me.If people choose to judge my parenting based on me putting information online that’s their choice, but it’s not going to stop me seeking an authentic life both on and offline.I so rarely miss tv and am so much calmer without it I think you’re absolutely right about the benefits society would be if they changed the channel (or even just unplugged).

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