Bathroom beginnings

It’s going to be a long time before we can actually renovate our bathroom, but I have bought a new sink, mirror and am getting a cabinet that I’ll need to modify.
I was holding off on changing  the mirror until we started renovating the room, but I realised that there’s really no advantage to waiting especially seeing it really should* be a ten minute job.

Before, we were using a mirror that I’ve had for years as there was no
mirror in the bathroom when we moved in.  It was probably a good thing I
took it down, the nail it was hanging from had nearly come out of the

After, it looks a bit odd off centre to the current cabinet and sink but
I’ve hung it to go with the way the bathroom will be in the future. 
It’s already smudgey because Eve was having fun with it while I put the
wall plugs in for it, but at least there’s a spot for perfume and
aftershave to sit away from inquisitive hands.

I’m really looking forward to installing the new sink and cabinet now.

The mirror is the Ikea Molger in birch which mum picked up for us on a trip to Adelaide.

*It’s never an easy job here, either I can’t find the tools I need or something in the house isn’t how it should be and we have to work around it.

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