Our weekend

It hasn’t even finished and it’s been a long weekend. Friday was spent running around in 43 degree heat and picking mum up from the airport, which would have been nice was it not so sweaty.
On the plus side some of the running around involved getting the last part I needed for Tyler to finish repairing my laptop. Seriously great service from our local Dick Smith store, they didn’t have what I needed on the shelf but scoured through some odds and ends under the counter and not only found what I needed but made sure it worked before I left with it (and only charged me $2). I’m really happy to have it working again, especially being that it cost less than ten dollars. I’m also a little annoyed we didn’t look in to it sooner because it’s sat unused for a couple of years roughly and that’s pretty wasteful, on the plus side it means I’m spared the to and fro-ing that was going on inside my head regarding a new laptop.

Tyler hadn’t been feeling great for a couple of days and overnight broke out in a welty red rash, we popped in to the chemist to get something for it and it turns out he has shingles. Not nice for him but plenty of terrible pun material for me. My mind is still boggling that someone so young has shingles as I thought it was an old persons virus.

Apart from that weird little patch of bad news the weekend has been pretty awesome (for me) as I mentioned earlier my laptop got fixed and I also got a new camera. I have to say how nice it is not to be taking photos on my iPhone which are adequate but far from lovely. I’ve spent a small chunk of today playing and and even smaller amount of time trying to read the manual, I seriously glaze over every time I try to read any kind of manual, it’s a really bad trait.

At the moment I’m still playing with it on auto, because I’m feeling lazy but I’m looking forward to taking more control and improving my photography, my standards have slipped way too low lately.

In case anyone is interested I went with the Olympus Pen E-PL5, I wanted something smaller than my Leica Digilux3 but didn’t want to go all the way back to a point and shoot.  At first I was keen on the EOS M but after researching the Olympus was more suited to me and more flexible for me to add on to.  I chose the silver but part of me was torn (and still is because I’m ridiculous) as I prefer the black body, as picky as it is I would’ve liked the black body with the silver lenses.  So far it’s a lovely camera incredibly light and straightforward to use, I particularly love that the screen can flip out, it works really well for getting down to Eve’s level without having to lay on the ground.  It’s a lot of fun to have a creative tool back in my hands, between this and getting some time to paint this week I am feeling very spoiled.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend, and that none of you have shingles.


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