18 things I want her to know

Miss P turns 18 this year and while her birthday is still a long way off it’s made me think of all the things I hope she knows* before venturing out into the adult world.

1. You are the best thing that could have happened to me in a dark and reckless period.

2. That I’m so proud you have gone through your teen years without being the train wreck that I was.

3. When you stand up for others and call people out on their bullshit it makes my day.

4. I hope you never endure a tragically bad relationship, but hope that any crap you do go through teaches you what you deserve in a partner.

5. You can always come home no matter what.

6. That you can have it all, but not all at the same time.

7. People can change but you can’t change people.

8. It’s okay to put yourself first, but find the balance.

9. Putting others down never lifts you up.

10. Drugs can be fun, but they take more than they’ll ever give, be sure before you take that gamble.

11.  Sex should only ever be had when you are 100% sure you want to, if that’s rarely or often is noone else’s business.

12. If you wouldn’t want your children to grow up like him/her don’t have babies with them.

13. It’s okay to be opinionated, just make sure you know what you’re talking about.

14. Dance, enjoy it and don’t ever worry about how you look while doing it.

15. There will be people who are much better than you at what you love doing, that doesn’t mean your work will be any less valid or successful.

16. That I know as your mum, I can be embarrasing, weird and hold very different views and values to those that you might develop as you go out into the world, that doesn’t mean I won’t always love you.

17. Whatever you do it’s going to be amazing.

18. I will always remember her as the beautiful little girl who breathlessly told me ‘Mummy, I can hear my heart, I can hear it beeping.’

*I think she has a lot of this stuff down but as there are a few I still need reminding of it doesn’t hurt to put this stuff out there.


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