In praise of my petulant teens

My teens are going through that phase, each in their own delightful way.  Miss P is particularly petulant, with the foot stomping and the ‘nothing’s wrong’ and hiding out in her room constantly.

Tarrant drags around a blanket and has gone from needing reminding to shower and brush teeth to needing solid badgering to do it.

It’s tiring and taxing and it makes me laugh out of mind bending frustration.

I know I’m not a perfect parent, you only need to look at my inability to get them to do the dishes consistently to know that.

But their washed out, mild teen angst shows me I’m doing so much better as a parent than a teen.
I didn’t foot stomp, I slammed doors and smashed photos and railed against any perceived unfairness. I went out to places I just should not have been, a blind eye turned to my existence allowed that to be too easy.

I take great joy in my teens thinking they are getting one past me, I always know, it’s just that they are so good the thing being ignored is a minor issue, like staying up late. My petulant teens are good kids under it all, growing in their independence into good people. Even as they wear me out I am in full praise of their petulance as it could be so much worse, they could have been like me.


3 thoughts on “In praise of my petulant teens

  1. I shudder to think what Abi will be like as a teen.I hope she’s like how her father was because if she’s anything like me I’d better brace myself now.

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