13 for 2013

(The kids and I spent the last stretch of the night drawing on our front door, it was lovely).

Hope everyone is off to a beautiful start in their new year.

Seeing I didn’t meet all of my goals last year I thought I’d set even more this year and see how that plays out.

13. Set up kids bedrooms

12. Bring additional income in

11. Paint bedroom

10. Renovate our dismal bathroom

9. Sew clothes for Eve

8. Work on organisation at home

7. Grow more food

6. Stain / paint all floors

5. Take a photo every week of my children

4. Get camera fixed

3. Paint, or draw at least one piece a month

2. Take a holiday

1. Finish kitchen renovation

Most of them centre on our house which is pretty right for me as I’m very much a homebody, focusing on the place I like to be seems a good way to keep up my motivation.


4 thoughts on “13 for 2013

  1. Since I failed so badly on my resolutions I’m not making any specific ones this year besides making healthy choices and finishing off the new house. Wish you well on yours though!

    • Thanks Sass, I think your way I probably more sensible but I need a push to feel productive so while I probably have set the bar too high at least I will get some achieved.

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