With a little help from our friends

I didn’t think we would have progressed any further with our kitchen this year, we only had days to go and it was finally functional. Sure I still had to go to the lounge room to get food from our temporary pantry but I could cook or even make coffee all in one room.
But a little burst of energy and some stretching & sharing of funds meant that the shells of our pantry have been constructed.



We took out the horsehair plaster between the kitchen and back room. Then Papa constructed the shells using structural pine and whiteboard.


See how much better it is even unfinished?

We were happy to leave it at the until next week when the budget was refreshed. But thanks to some Christmas funds and helpful friends we now have the food storage side of the pantry installed.


We chose the ReStored 6 tier pull out unit by Zone hardware and bought it at Bunning’s for $299.

For the moment we have just put some whiteboard on to mark where the door will be.

The left side of the pantry will be a custom build as we are putting in slide out units to house the microwave, slow cooker and blender. This will keep the bench space free for prep work and eating in our small space.

It’s a lovely way to finish off this year, functional and filled with promise for the new year.


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