New year new kitchen

Okay so the new kitchen won’t be totally finished by the new year but it is finally functional.

A couple of days ago the last major step in our temporary complete kitchen was made and we now have an operational gas cooktop.

So while there is still a huge to do list the kitchen is functional and I’m able to store most of our kitchen things in the same room.

I can’t say how amazing it feels to be able to make a coffee in one room instead of having to gather items from three separate rooms. It’s a simple pleasure but a greatly appreciated one.

Our peninsula with temporary benchtops and blue protective coating still on our drawers (I’m not taking that off until the permanent benches are in).


View from the walkway


Range hood on its way up


And fully extended


It’s a little but too much fun to make the downdraft pop out of the bench, especially because most people we know have never seen one before.
I do think that it was absolutely worth the money to avoid having a bulky overhead extractor that would have further closed in our tiny room, it’s provided a much cleaner line than I’d even imagined.

Now we are on to making the cabinets
for our pullout pantry. I am really looking forward to having our food out of the lounge room.

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays whether they are renovating, holidaying or having to work.


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