Handmade Christmas part 1 year 2

As Eve is still little and not actually asking for anything I decided that I would make her Christmas presents rather than spend money on characters from TV shows that she seems to like or other stuff that we really just don’t have the space for. So with a whole few days to spare I pulled my finger out and got started, so at least she’ll have one present under (next to) the tree.
I really liked the play teepees that are around but honestly couldn’t come at spending close to three hundred dollars for one, especially when I don’t particularly like the fabrics. So with some bamboo broom handles, a lace table cloth and doily from mum’s off casts, some Velcro, leather and beads I threw this together.

Because I am lazy I have just draped the tablecloth around and therefore we have gaps etc at the bottom. Personally I prefer things a little imperfect and haphazard but that is born of said laziness I’m sure. I could pretend it’s the organic nature of the process or an attempt at understanding wabi sabi but that would be pretty transparent.

In total this cost $34.40 for the bamboo poles and $12 for the Velcro and beads etc. I’m pretty happy with it for $46.40.
What’s more important is I think Eve will be happy playing in the yard with it and it will look gorgeous as a backdrop to her bed when she moves into her own room. Maybe by then someone like Ikea might want to send me one of their lovely Minnen beds to review?


6 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas part 1 year 2

  1. Looks fabulous!I have a friend who’s also planning to make a teepee for her 2.5 yo daughter!
    I think mum bought the girls one a long time ago and they are getting that for Christmas!

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