Another full weekend

The year races to a close and we race against it to get things done.

As usual we chip away at the jobs needed done to get our kitchen together.

Swimming lessons have improved, or at least that’s what Mr Wolff tells me, I stay home to try to get some me time in.

Miss has taken to drawing on everything including herself.

It seems like she got half way through drawing whiskers on herself and didn’t like the effect, or maybe she was worried people would think she was trying to be Peter Criss?


A beautiful new baby boy arrived two weeks ahead of schedule, and it was delightful to hold a tiny one and drink in his smell and sounds.

Christmas parties have shown me that staying up past midnight does me no favours; especially when the miss wakes in a rage at 3 am, angry that we weren’t there when she fell asleep.

The old fireplace is finally cut out of the kitchen and the fridge is in, although a very tight squeeze that will need to be rethought in the long run.


Hope you are all having wonderful weekends and holding your loved ones extra close.


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