Sunshine Sunday

Another weekend half gone, but at least the weather is cooler today and we can enjoy the sunshine today.

I can see Eve’s apple tree (which we planted for her first birthday), steadily growing.


Every day I check, because it’s incredible to me that just months after planting we have five apples growing.

Apart from staring at trees the weekend has been filled with preparing and plastering the kitchen. Renovating while living in the house with a toddler makes for some interesting moments.

My application for parent of the year can only have been strengthened by Eve’s shows of industry and independence this weekend.

Here you can see Eve working hands on with the stud adhesive.


Made all the more impressive by the fact that she moved a four kilo weight off the top to get to it.

After a (frantic) scrub to get it off Eve chose her own outfit.


And this morning was ready to deal with any welding we might need.


How has your weekend been?

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Sunday

  1. Oh, she is way too cute!
    I salute all parents who renovate with little ones in the house. Serious respect.
    We’ve been considering planting some fruit trees too, so it’s encouraging to know that your apple trees bore fruit so quickly…
    Ronnie xo

    • I think it’s a case of needs must, with renovating while living in the home, but thank you.
      I’m personally quite shocked that it’s bearing fruit, I thought it would be a few years at least.

  2. I have to agree with Emmie! Eve just has a way of making me smile!

    That apple tree is amazing and such a good idea to plant a tree for her first birthday 🙂

    I would wholeheartedly nominate you for parent of the year – you’re doing an amazing job (including helping your oldest deal with the arranged marriage of a friend)!

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