Blink and I’ll miss it

So I missed 16 months and now 17. I guess I should put you in your chair for photos but it seems somewhat disingenuous. And if I’m truthful rather unlikely given your inability to sit still.
You are increasingly busy and decreasingly sleepy, not that you’ve ever been much of a sleeper.
It’s hard to leave the house with you as you spend most of our outings kicking and screaming. Thank the greater good for our kindest of friends who help me get the grocery shopping done, or we’d all be pretty hungry these days.

That being said you are a super trooper through these renovations and I am thankful that you are too young to understand that it’s impractical and weird to live with no kitchen, but are instead fascinated with nails and plasterboard and general debris.

You’ve learnt to jump which is hilarious and come out with new words often but only when you want. The other day it was flower very clearly pointing to print and real flowers, but you weren’t ready to share that sound with nanny today.
You were happy however to kiss her goodbye through the fence which was beyond adorable. You are always happier outside.

Daddy and you get up to mischief if I’m off doing something by myself and its an amazing bond to watch.

You miss your older siblings terribly when they aren’t at home and are always unimpressed when we drive your sister to work. If you didn’t wear me out so much and perhaps pulled my hair a little less I’d be dying to give you a younger sibling. But for now I sway back and forth on the matter, much like the decision of if I should be returning to work now to make life financially easier.

But today I will just pause and see you where you are, a blazing ball of energy that though rough is tender in heart.

I love you Evie-bean.


4 thoughts on “Blink and I’ll miss it

  1. Oh Lila do I feel you!Whenever you write these kinds of posts I feel like I’m looking into Logan’s future. I wish we lived closer we could take our little rascals out together and share the pain!

  2. Eve is such a character! I love the photo of her doing the downward dog! She is so blessed to have older siblings…I hope my sister thought I was cool when I was 15! She is now 15 herself and Lily ADORES her..she isn’t impressed either when she has to go to school…

    • I’m sure your sister thought and still thinks you are amazing. It’s lovely that even with a large age gap there is still a bond and plenty of joy to share. It’s also lovely that the cycle continues with Lily and your sister.

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