Baby showers and building

It’s been a busy weekend, getting our kitchen slowly back together, piece by piece.

More on that here.

Today has been a day off, probably ill advised but it’d be no good having a finished kitchen and no friends because we neglected our social life.
Today I hosted a baby shower for a friend who will soon welcome her fourth* baby. She had never had a baby shower and as this is her last baby I wanted to do something special for her. It was a lovely low key day, as she let it to a nice intimate group of her friends. I had a couple of hiccups with the games but all in all I felt I did okay considering its not really my forte.
If nothing else the cake I had made** for her was awesome.

*after today I have a gut feeling the baby will arrive Christmas Day but I didn’t tell my friend that as I’m not sure she’d be too happy.

**I normally enjoy making the cake but without an oven it was a little impractical. After getting such an awesome cake made I think I might be going down that path more often.


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