Edging onward

Today edged us a little further towards a functional kitchen. Tomorrow holds the promise of an installed sink and no longer washing dishes in the bathtub.
This is a big deal as the family member who was building our sink stand decided on a road trip this weekend which meant that we would be at least another week behind in the kitchen renovation.

Luckily a good reliable friend was home from work (he works away) and came to the rescue; building me a beautiful, functional sink stand on his birthday no less.

You might wonder why I didn’t just purchase an Ikea cabinet for our sink, we’ll we’re up to something a little different in our kitchen.


We’re recycling our houses’ original concrete laundry trough. It’s worn and has a beautiful patina, right down to one sink bowl being different from the other as that’s where the washing machine used to drain.


Recycling at it’s best.

Besides our awesome sink stand we installed two more half walls of plasterboard (aquacheck behind the sink area).


And built one of the cabinet bodies to ensure that the sink stand is bolted in the correct position tomorrow.


So tomorrow looks like it might be another big step forward, as long as we can find someone to help us bring the sink inside.


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