It’s going to be 44 degrees here today. We are sitting very still in front of the fan and Eve is playing with an ice pack. (With very close supervision I know how dangerous they can be). My ipad keeps crashing because it is too hot and it’s only 39 at the moment.

Yesterday it was too hot for Eve to sleep in our room, so she moved herself to the front door.


I’m not sure how she will cope today.


8 thoughts on “Melting

  1. Yuck it is crazy weather everywhere! We’ve been having insane storms and wind so I know what you mean about being trapped inside except heat is a whole other ball game 😦

    Hurrah on the sleep front btw! Hope it continues, Eve always looks like such a sweetheart when she’s sleeping xoxo

    • Hope the storms and wind aren’t causing damage and you’ve all been safe. Not much sleep since then but I can’t say I blame her with the heat, hopefully it’s the start of something good.

  2. OMG 44? As Jess, said we are having storms and I’m wearing my uggs (inside of course) again. How do you cope with the heat? I usually just dress Lily in only a nappy and we do a bit of water play.

    But Eve has the right idea, with napping! What a cutie!

    • We unfortunately get about a week or two of the 40+ hopefully the days will be few and far between this year. Minimal clothing and cool baths are key I also wet and freeze facewashers to put on Eve’s head while she’s sleeping. I also keep bottles of water dotted around the house to make sure I keep hydrated.
      You’ve just reminded me to put Uggs on the Christmas list, maybe birthday actually to keep them safe from our messy house.

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