Cooking in the kitchen

Today it reached 39 Celsius, today we removed the lower half of our kitchen that contained asbestos.
In case you don’t know, to safely remove asbestos the room needs to be sealed off lined with plastic and full safety suits need to be worn.
So after about two hours I was pretty sure I was going to die and after about four I had some intense claustrophobia thankfully we then finished.
Even though we were very careful the entire process filled me with dread and I’m so glad it’s the only room in the house with this problem.
Fortunately there are no photos of me in our claustrophobic jumpsuits to share. I can show you the room as it is and the (shouldn’t have been surprising) surprise that we found when we removed the cabinets.





And our lovely surprise.


On the up side I now no longer wonder where the draft was coming from when I stood at the kitchen cabinets.

Tomorrow the rest of the plaster in the room comes out, the sink (hopefully) goes in and we finish putting new flooring in for under the cabinets.

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