The four rule

This post is about Christmas, if you’re not up to thinking about that so soon I won’t mind if you stick your fingers in your ears and say lalala, or rather cover your eyes and click away.

Our kids have had a very simplified Christmas for the last four years at first due to necessity and then continuing on because we realised how much we just don’t need.

This year I’ve been looking at the four rule which seems to have caught fire online:

Something they want
Something they need
Something to wear
Something to read

I think it’s a great concept and so far I’ve organized want, wear and read

For us wear is covered by the pajamas brought by the elves on Christmas eve and something new to wear on Christmas day.

Something to read is always a given because books are something we value in our lives.

Something they want is always the easiest, with Eve obviously it’s something we think she wants, otherwise it would be a collection of empty drink bottles and my lipsticks to eat.

Something they need is just so subjective and I’ve been wracking my brains, I thought about things for the bedrooms. Depending on what lens you look through there are either a plethora of things my children need and really nothing they truly need. While we aren’t high income we don’t go without anything important.

Every year we give as part of Christmas be it the wishing tree or small charitable donation. This year I just feel that’s not enough. This year instead of something they need we will be contributing that money towards a charity, towards others that need so many things so many basic things, like water and food. Because I know my children won’t even truly be going without in order to make this happen. While it’s a small drop into an ocean of need I hope that it will make some change in another’s life. Because we are born lucky, so very lucky to be in a safe country, I hope to share what I can of that luck.

Is giving part of your Christmas / holiday plans? Do you feel that charity actually helps?


9 thoughts on “The four rule

  1. That’s lovely!
    We all always get a book for Christmas.
    And I always donate to the Kmart wishing tree and any food collections they do at work.
    Maybe I need to do more.
    I’ve already done most of our Christmas shopping and there’s a lot we aren’t getting.
    It’s going to me a minimalist Christmas this year. Too much clutter already.

  2. Such a great idea. With Logan’s birthday so close to Christmas we’ve asked for no birthday presents (immediate family excluded themselves) as Sammie said it just gets too cluttered! We bought a few presents for him either on sale or over gum tree and that’s it (excluding the Christmas Advent tree I bought as a special once of Christmas present).

  3. That’s so lovely that you’re going give gifts to charity. Since I had olive, I always give one of those mid wife/birthing kits to a community in Africa.
    But, I came here mainly because I can’t reply to your comment on my blog. Just to say my camera won’t be coming home with me. It’s gone, gone, gone! But I’ve lodged a travel insurance claim, & hopefully I’ll get a replacement. Hope you’ve been well xx

    • You just reminded me I have been meaning to get one of the midwife kits since I had Eve, time to make that happen.
      I’m sorry the camera is gone gone, I hope the insurance comes through quickly.

  4. In place of getting presents for our family, we have given presents to foster families as you said it correctly before, none of our kids are truly in desperate need of anything. I want to make this a regular thing when Lily is older so she understands that Christmas is more about giving than receiving…

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