What’s your number?

It seems that Fridays are for dreaming of finishing touches.
This week house numbers, which are probably one of the final touches seeing our exterior repaint. is fairly far down the list and there’s not much point in putting up new numbers before then.

I’ve made quite a narrow selection, because I adore the Neutra font.

The first are the Neutra numbers from Heath Ceramics.


They also make a range of Eames house numbers if that’s your thing.


My other favourites, again in Neutra font are from Design Within Reach.


Do you like or even notice your house numbers?


2 thoughts on “What’s your number?

  1. Our house numbers are crap! The man making our wall just smacked on some stickers 😦 on the house we have a nice set but the owners painted over them & you can’t see them from the outside anymore so no point fixing them. But I definitely want to update the stickers, it’s just down the bottom of my list!

    • Yuck! I hate those stickers apart from on rubbish bins, I like them there so no one steals our bin.I can see why it’s down the bottom of the list, it will be one of the very last things we do because there’s no point until we repaint.

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