Tantrums before two

Our little miss has been a feisty one from the start, very much liking to do things at her own rapid pace. So it should have been no surprise that at fourteen months we saw the first glimmers of tantrums. It’s probably more surprising that I’ve managed to remain in denial about it for two months now.


For two months the frequency has slowly increased and the triggers have started to become obvious.

Wanting something she can’t have: Usually elicits foot stomping, pointing at what she wants, scowling and high pitched indignant screams. Future benefits possible stock market trader skills.

Wanting to go somewhere she shouldn’t / or to not hold hands: A generally more quiet form of tantrum this is a combination of going limp, stiffening her whole body, laying down in the middle of the street, and faking you out by distracting you and then twisting and running in the opposite direction of the distraction. Future benefits handy for protesting / resisting arrest.

The Hangry or Tired tantrum / Otherwise known as mini meltdown: All the delight of the first two combined with, slapping, squirming and a noise not unlike the legendary banshee. This sound is also a siren call to those adults who love to dish out ‘you’re a shitty parent’ looks. Sometimes can be solved with food or tricking her into going to sleep. Future benefits self defence.

What can I say? I’m trying very hard to find the humour in it and see that it will pass. The worst of these happen when we’re out and about thankfully I have a good friend who helps me get my grocery shopping done or we’d all be going hungry! I’m trying very hard to believe that because the tantrums are early they might not go right through past 3 years but we’ll see. For now it’s lots of deep breaths and avoiding the judgmental gaze of others.


4 thoughts on “Tantrums before two

  1. I fear Logan will be following in Eve’s footsteps! He’s already started with the baby tantrums and they don’t look to be stopping any time soon 😦
    At least you’ve worked out triggers etc… Now if only we could figure out how to get rid of those dirty looks, jeez people they’re little kids!

  2. I’m truly into the terrible twos stage with Lily! I find this stage very frustrating but it’s all about them not knowing how to control their emotions so I try not to lose control of my own – which is extremely difficult most of the time! Hang in there and before we know it, the tantrums will cease and we’ll have something else to worry about πŸ™‚

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