Kitchen roadblock

On the weekend I started on one of the long list of kitchen renovation tasks our pantry. We had two options planned for the pantry. Our first preference was to cut through the wall and build a walk in pantry in the wasted space in our adjoining “exit” room, extry? It’s a smallish currently non functional room that joins the kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and the back doors.
We had more than one option planned as there was no way of knowing exactly where the studs or braces were without removing plaster, stud finders don’t seem to work well here I’m not sure if that’s something to do with the horsehair plaster or the operator. Anyway, I cut from the exit room side because I would be able to hide the hole behind our fridge for now. I’m pretty happy that I started on that side given what I found. First find was the stud exactly in the middle of the wall leaving us with 45cm to use each side. Clearly this rules out the walk in pantry option a apart from people who are o the tiny side like myself it wouldn’t be very accessible.

This means we will now install pull out pantries either side of the stud, one side will have a full height pantry the other a half height with pull out shelves for the microwave, toaster and slow cooker to save bench space. I’m pretty excited about it.

But as the title suggests that’s all on hold because of the second find, fibro board.
You can see below that the upper half is horsehair plaster and below the dreaded board.


Because I have no idea when it was added to the house we can’t be sure it’s not hiding asbestos. So the next step is to get someone in to analyse it and potentially have to pay for expert removal. Which while a crimp in the budget is something I’m happy to pay for because I do not want to touch that stuff at all.

So there’s our less than thrilling what we’re up to weekly update.

Keep your fingers crossed it isn’t asbestos.

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