Choices made and delayed

As one of the items I finally decided on was on sale this week I settled in and planned out what I was going to order with my lovely gift certificates.

The first was the Replica Eames Hang it All, on sale until today.

Via Matt Blatt

The second a Replica Eames Junior DSW side chair in Red for Eve.

via Tempt Interiors NZ

And third a Replica Eames RAR plastic rocker in black.

Via eBay

I got online and added them to my cart and attempted to check out. A little message came up saying I would need to call customer service because my post code wasn’t in their shipping matrix. A little frustrating seeing that I’ve had goods shipped from all over the world without this issue but I put my big girl panties on and dialed the number.

The incredibly perky sales assistant went through my order with me with ease, until dealing with the post code issue. She then informs me that the order would have to go to head office and they probably wouldn’t get back to me until Monday. I’m a little annoyed at this point as I’m pretty sure that means I’ll miss the sale price, but really my own fault for procrastinating, so I’ll deal with it.

Then I mentioned the gift certificates, there was a brief pause and the sales assistant says the words I am not too thrilled to hear. You can only use those in store, so next time you’re in Melbourne or Sydney you can use them. My head nearly exploded when she then attempted to continue processing the order*.

So unfortunately I’m not sure when I’ll be using the gift vouchers which is such a shame, especially seeing I can’t even be sure they’ll have what I want in stock if we do make a special trip. I wasn’t even sure if I would post about this and I hate to whine because I don’t want any of the lovely gift givers to feel that I don’t still cherish and appreciate their gift as I really do. But I did feel it best to put this out there in case other non Melbourne or Sydney based people went to buy gift vouchers, there’s no warning on the website that they can’t be used that way (believe me I’ve trawled the FAQ’s, policies etc to check). I’d hate to not speak up and have anyone else caught out.

*Note to salespeople I am not going to reward shitty service policies by spending more money in your store, I would have thought that was common sense, no matter how cheerful your voice is.

13 thoughts on “Choices made and delayed

  1. This is so annoying and disapointing 😦 If they don’t let you use it let me know bevcause I can possibly take it off your hands and give you the cash.
    Not the same as us giving you the voucher, but seems such a silly waste if you cant use it.

  2. Aaargh!!! How very bloody annoying and how outdated of them. I’m looking up their website and sending a customer email. We’ll get something sorted. Good on you for speaking up. xx

    • Thank you Spark! I think most of my frustration is surprise at the outdated business model! I sent them an email yesterday and put a review on their website so we’ll see if I get any reply from them I guess.

  3. Oh Lila that makes me so angry!!! Don’t sell vouchers online if you can’t use them online! I’m so sorry I didn’t thoroughly check that out grrr. Let me know if you need me to do anything seeing as I made the purchase.

    • Thanks Jess, I don’t want you to feel bad at all, there is no way you could have known. It will all work out, I just needed a vent as I was so excited when I finally made my mind up and then so disappointed that I couldn’t get my things now!

  4. Thankfully we have a promising update. Customer service emailed me to say they can take the gift voucher by email or phone, that the person I spoke to got it wrong. So I’ve emailed and hopefully I’ll hear back soon.

  5. This is very frustrating. I mean how can they expect happy and returning customers when it’s such process to order something online. Don’t know they it’s pretty competitive? I’ve used Milan Direct when they do free shipping and it always arrives on time.

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