Working on better habits

This is a new step for me, something I hope I can sustain and wish I had
been more conscious of with my older children. Since my diet had to
change for Eve I’ve slowly started to integrate better health habits
into my life. Sometimes being forced to change is the best thing for
me, I’ve lost a lot of weight and have even started the couch to 5k
program. If you actually knew me you’d realise how big and surprising
that is, my previous policy was if I wasn’t being chased you wouldn’t
see me running.

My biggest bad habit is one that I haven’t really been up for changing until now. I drink way too much soft drink and caffeine and almost no water. Sure I’ve switched to sugar free but the caffeine intake has not slowed at all. The time has come to show my parenting through practice and stop doing things to my body that I don’t want my children doing to theirs.

So far today I’ve had two coffees a soft drink and a glass of water. Sure I’m no raging success out of the gates but it’s still an improvement on yesterday. What’s helping me, beside the cute tray and water set you see on our bedside table, is the need to model healthy habits to our children.

Having Eve really opened my eyes to what I should be showing my children as a parent as opposed to what I have been showing them. My older two have my same poor eating and drinking habits and while it’s going to be a lot harder to help them change the sooner we do the easier it is to teach Eve the better way.

At the moment Eve has soy milk or water and that’s it, it’s quite easy to control a toddlers intake to begin with. But as she has become aware that we have something she doesn’t her curiosity is piqued and she begins to want the rubbish we are shoveling into our bodies. Am I saying she never has junky food? Of course not, we aren’t perfect and have no desire to be, but I desperately want her to have a better relationship with food than I do. The only logical way to do this is to at least try to show her that junky food is an occasional indulgence rather than an every day treat.

Who knows if this will be something I can sustain, but hopefully the desire to look out for my children is stronger than my desire for rubbish.

What bad habits are you trying to avoid passing on?


6 thoughts on “Working on better habits

  1. Chocolate and my shocking sweet tooth… Sadly she already has it and to my fault 😦
    I don’t drink soft drink so I at least do have that to worry about.
    I know the older abi gets the more conscious I’m going to need to be.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Most of the habits I want to avoid passing on are food related too.. Not so much the eating of unhealthy food (which I try to minimise already), but the emotional value I place on food choices.. For example if I eat something “bad” I spend the rest of the day beating myself up about it and have to be extra “good” the next day.. It can take the fun and enjoyment out of eating.. I hope I don’t pass on the whole guilt and punishment eating onto her.. But you are so right it means a genuine change in my attitude as you have to practice what you preach because they are WATCHING!
    I also want to encourage her to be active and to find joy in movement.. we didn’t grow up in a very sporty family and exercise is a real chore for me.. for ages I was always just too self conscious worrying about being picked last, being too slow, being too un-co, or getting too puffed…etc The Mister on the other hand loves sport and exercise for the sake of exercise and I hope that she uses him as a role model instead of me!

    • I totally agree with you about the emotional baggage of eating being the worst part, I hope I don’t pass that on either.The whole not being sporty was an issue for me growing up too which is part of my motivation for doing the couch to five k. It is really hard for me but I’m trying to teach her good habits, she loves being in the pram while we run too which makes it easier.

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