Back room

As with most of the parts of our renovation project changing our back door and windows to French doors is only partially finished due to the domino effect. Each part of a room is stacked next to another job, another room and once you start one the chain of dominoes start to move and spread out.
Instead of letting this stop us, or wait until we have the time and money to complete a room or the whole house at once we’ve settled on doing what projects we can when we can and living with areas unfinished but still on the path to improvement.

Before we started there was a back door which didn’t close well and some low dingy windows, it wasn’t nice but it wasn’t the highest priority on our list. Then I came home one afternoon to find the back window broken and the door forced open thanks to a break in. What was a pretty distressing event also meant that the back door overhaul was pushed up the list as we didn’t want to waste money on repairing the existing structure.

Before changes (post break in)


Plaster removed


Doors installed


Temporary walls in place


As you can see the ceiling needs replacing, as do the walls. The floors need sanding and polishing and cupboards and a laundry are also going to go into this space so that it becomes functional rather than a small unused room.


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