Just a little trip to Ikea

Yesterday morning we got up at the not unheard of but not attractive hour of 6am, bundled ourselves in the car and drove to Ikea.For anyone wondering why on earth someone would get up at 6 to go to Ikea it wasn’t an early bird sale, we live roughly five hundred kilometres from the nearest store.

The trip looked a little like this.


A bit of a monotonous drive littered with road kill and not a lot else, except a yarn bombed tree.


Even more impressive is the fact that the tree was a hundred kilometres from town. A couple of hours driving later and we spotted this shoe tree.


We made an agreement before we arrived that there would be no fighting in Ikea, we get in get the table kitchen and go. This could have been tested when we saw the Nexus Birch cabinets in the flesh, they looked plasticky and awful, not a look I want in our kitchen even on a budget. Our options were to pick something else or return home without a kitchen and do the long trek at another time when we figured out what we wanted, so option one it was.

We wandered around with a fidgety toddler and looked at the display kitchens. The Abstrakt range is definitely my personal favourite. The black was gorgeous, glossy and mirror like, but I was afraid with aforementioned toddler that they would constantly look like the smudgy mess that is my iPad screen. I do not have the energy to wipe kitchen cabinets down every other hour. The grey was lovely too but I felt that it didn’t really work with what I am picturing for our benches and didn’t really catch my eye in the way that our final choice did.

We incredibly surprisingly to me, opted for the Abstrakt Glossy White after startlingly little deliberation. I may or may not have suffered from buyers stress since. I know that whatever we do with these cabinets will be lovely but I honestly hadn’t put together any kind of plan or inspiration for a white kitchen.

We put our order in with the lovely kitchen “co-worker”, went to the registers and paid for it, went to the picking area and then the customer service counter in order to get our $200 gift card that the register “co-worker” didn’t know to give us. Which came in handy to pay for bits and pieces we picked up including our new bathroom sink. We then sat and waited for our kitchen order to be prepared, and waited and waited and tried to entertain a toddler who was incredibly over being cooped up.

Most of the time sitting waiting was me silently praying that I had measured correctly and that all of the boxes would fit in our teeny tiny hatchback. When the order was wheeled out I may have said ‘holy fuck’. Because well this is what came out.


I began to seriously doubt my sanity and aptitude for spatial relations.

Fortunately we have extensive experience in over packing cars for long distance trips.


We made it home safe and exhausted and in one piece, with our 60 ready to assemble kitchen components. And for now I leave you tired, somewhat incoherent and a little surprised that I impulse bought a white kitchen.


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