So many lovely things

It’s been a couple of weeks and I still haven’t made my final decision on what I will order from Matt Blatt.
Here are some of the many many lovely things to choose from.

This isn’t a realistic choice our house has no space but I do love it because it reminds me of the spinning eggs that used to be in playgrounds.

DCW in red, a splash of bold colour for the house.

LCW in rosewood, my favourite of the timber veneers.

LCM in walnut or oak, I prefer the metal legs but am torn on the timber.

Eames jr. chairs and elephant stool, for Miss Eve to be adorable on.

Eames hang it all because I am obsessed with storage.

Glo ball light fitting for our bedroom.

Artichoke light, which doesn’t really suit our house but is lovely nonetheless.

And my constant favourite the saucer bubble lamp.

All images via Matt Blatt


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