Inspired by birch

My inspiration for our home and in this case our kitchen shifts fairly frequently, sometimes due to seeing something I like, sometimes a problem with the original choice and sometimes due to availability and price of materials.
It’s almost certain that our cabinets will come from Ikea so that restricts their style and colour. While ideally I’d love a horizontal woodgrain my desire for a timber veneer is higher than for horizontal which only comes in laminate. This leads to me now considering the Nexus Birch cabinet for the main part of the kitchen.

Some of the kitchens that inspire my lean towards Birch.


via Annedal


via The Design Files


via House and Home

While the Nexus Birch doesn’t have the same depth of colours and character that these cabinets have I think it’s a viable option to get some of the feel that these kitchens have.


via Ikea

At the moment I’ve decided to keep my option open until we have other key pieces in place such as a table top for the dining bench, because variations in colour in that or which direction we take with the floors are going to make a big impact on what will work in the room.


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