Kitchen update

Not much progress has been made with our kitchen, partially because it’s hard to work with a 15 month old underfoot and partially because we are living in the house while renovating so it has to remain somewhat functional.

That being said, the rest of the carpet is now up and I’ve made some progress removing the carpet glue from the boards.

To remove the carpet glue and remnants of underlay first I sweep.


Then Eve helps me spread it back out do I get to enjoy sweeping all over again.


I then use hot water and a plastic scraper to remove as much as possible of the remaining underlay and glue. It really doesn’t shift as much as I would like so I’m looking in to other methods before sanding.

Unfortunately it’s not always good things that we expose. So far I’ve found so big chunks out of boards and poor patching. More than likely we will replace those boards and possibly those that are cracked and stain the entire floor to get an even colour.


More excitingly (and let’s face it that’s not a high bar to clear given that I’m talking about scraping carpet glue). Our downdraft has arrived! We ordered a lovely De Dietrich downdraft through Grays online for a third of their retail price.


I’ve also found a slab of marble that I’m hoping to snag for our dining table/bar, and have begun marking out the spaces for our cabinets. Okay actually none of these are exciting to anyone but me. But there you have it the snail paced move forward in our kitchen renovation.

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