Patience is a virtue, that I lack

The plan for the kitchen is to begin renovating in November.
So this week while T is away for work I decided that I really really needed to start pulling up the carpet in the kitchen. To be fair I had already been removing carpet in the back room and was in the swing of things. That and I feel any carpet in the kitchen is weird (this carpet was also disgusting).

I was also very curious as to what lay beneath the carpet because we knew that it was more than likely different to the pine that we’ve uncovered in the rear of the house.

It’s going to be slow going because the carpet has been glued to the boards, but so far so promising.

First cut


Scary mould like stains, mostly near the sink


First strip of carpet removed


Beautiful timber peeking through


Being a couple of weeks ahead of schedule is almost certainly a good thing owing to the difficulty of removing the carpet glue. After seeing the timber I’ve had also change a change of heart regarding
staining the boards dark, so hopefully this early start buys me some time to rethink the colour scheme.


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