15 + 5

Growing up passed up by in a blur of squealing and vomit this month. I suspect that your reaction to dairy is getting worse and not better with age unfortunately. You still aren’t truly a happy camper but we are already five days behind on your update so I thought we better get on it.
You’ve moved up in to the next level at swimming and now go on Saturdays so daddy has a chance to enjoy you learning to swim too.

On the other hand you try so hard to help, putting things away and clapping each time. Your sense of humour continues to grow but is also weird, you really like to laugh at peoples feet for some reason.

B words are all the rage bDEE – bird, Ball, boba, and of course the recent addition of butt. My fault entirely but incredibly cute when you say it.

You love your Papa and older siblings fiercely and never fail to be put out by them going to work or school. It can be lonely for you stuck at home with mama. I try to remedy that with activities but with swimming on the weekends and our favourite play place no longer having activities for someone as small as you pickings are slim.

Owing to all the sadness that you experienced when you were unwell last week you’ve discovered ABC iview and all the kids programming there. I have to distract you with getting outside to slow your growing tv addiction. You also enjoy Q&A because you like to clap when the audience does, sometimes I wish you wouldn’t.

I had my first grown up night out without you recently and although you slept the entire time I was gone you made sure I knew of your displeasure on my return. It can be so wearing but I do know that you love me for sure.

We’re still enjoying wearing you more than using the pram with one exception. Papa and I have started the couch to 5k program and you love being in the pram for that, apart from when we walk. You really love when we run, so it’s lucky that that is for a little more time each run.

Another wonderful month gone by filled with your smile and selective smooches, I am a lucky mama.


4 thoughts on “15 + 5

  1. I hear you about keeping them occupied during the week! Congratulations on starting the couch to 5k that’s great news. I want to start running on my walks but with Logan in the ergo it’s a bit too difficult. I should try him back in the pram but its a bit clunky with him and the dog 😦

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