Inspired by Mud

I’ve been slowly planning our kitchen renovation since before we moved in. At first I leant towards safe white bright kitchens. But as I plan on painting all of our walls white I think that’s not for the best.
My next thought was black cabinets which I love, but as we are on a budget and looking at an Ikea kitchen I really couldn’t find a black I liked.

Yesterday however inspiration struck in my favourite local shop Fine & Sunny. I was ogling the Mud Australia teapot as usual and I realized that it was not black as I had thought before but slate grey part Matt part Gloss. On arriving home another Ikea search began and I found the Abstrakt Glossy Grey. An almost perfect match for the Mud colour way.

I don’t have a focused shot of the teapot but this tiny jug is the same colour way.

So hopefully before Christmas I’ll have my new kitchen with grey cabinets, concrete counters, mosaic tile and an oven with an accurate temperature. Maybe that nice teapot will find a home in the kitchen that it started.


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