Inspired by Gum Trees

I’m back on the fence with my kitchen design. The layout will remain unchanged but I feel that while I love the idea of a grey glossy kitchen it’s not very sympathetic to the house. This was cemented by the receipt of my sample tiles from Academy tiles (who have fantastic customer service). While the triangle tiles are gorgeous, I really found that the high gloss of the black was more overbearing than dramatic. It turns out I’m more of a matte and earthy girl than a bold out there lady.

This morning I had a brief mental dalliance with Kaboodle kitchens from Bunnings, which was exhausting as trying to figure out their price structure is stupidly complicated. It doesn’t seem worth it as they lack some of the great options Ikea have.

So obviously I went back to the Ikea website, with a small detour through Freedom’s range (gorgeous kitchens no prices), a fleeting look at all white had me for a second before I remembered just how dirty it would always be. Then my eyes were caught by the Sofielund range, with it’s hint of grey and horizontal grain.


Which would be gorgeous with soft grey concrete benches

Like the shell of this kitchen


These gorgeous Star matte white tiles, from Academy Tiles two thirds of the way up the window on the rear wall.


White Laminex compact for the wrap around dining bench and baking station bench top.

Some open shelving to the left of the window.


I think I’ve settled on this softer more natural look, inspired by the gumtrees, but I have said similar before.


Want to know more about our renovations?  Join us at One Zero Five


4 thoughts on “Inspired by Gum Trees

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  2. It’s natural to change your mind many times! Getting the design right is so important as the most important room in the house imho. There is logic behind what you are saying with the softer grey grains being better suited to the house. It all looks very lovely and I really like the tiles too.

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