Window on the world (or really on the yard)

It’s been a productive weekend so far in the Wolff house.

Last weekend we were lucky enough to stumble on a “new” secondhand window for $50 at the local recycling centre. It was earlier than we were planning on beginning the revamp of Miss P’s room but when something that cheap and similar in style to our original windows becomes available it’s not an opportunity that I want to miss.

So yesterday was spent with our usual multiple trips to Bunnings and covering the house with a layer of dust, and while we have to finish* it off today I’m very happy with the progress.

I apologise for the ever decreasing quality of my photos, Eve pushed my camera off the couch and then lens will only focus if I hold it just so which makes it unlikely that I can concentrate on getting a good shot.

Before (not actually before because I wasnt quick enough to take a true before photo before Mr. Wolff got excited about demolition)










*The goal for finishing is making the room air and water tight. I’ve also started pulling up the carpet and removing the carpet adhesive so I can polish the floor boards before P is moved back in. Slightly longer term the room will be gutted and replastered, the small window will be removed and plastered over, the door will be changed to a sliding door and aloft bed with wardrobes underneath will be installed and a new ceiling and light will finish the room off. Unfortunately that will have to wait until the kitchen and back room are done. But in the meantime Miss P can see out into the yard and her room won’t feel so much like a cupboard.


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